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Are your mobile development teams overwhelmed by increasing complexity as your user base grows and your application scales? Are you noticing a growing gap between feature development and their actual release to end-users, as well as increasingly high maintenance costs? Our mobile experts can help you implement mobile DevOps best practices to optimize your build and deployment times.

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Mobile app redesign

BAM supported us in the selection and implementation of tools for our CI/CD. The team's advice and expertise enabled us to set up our first pipelines very quickly, and to gain peace of mind and confidence in our deliveries. Many thanks to the whole team for their help, energy and investment in our project.

Renaud Viry

Team Leader développement SW

Our approach:
setting up a mobile CI/CD
Notre approche :
la mise en place d’une CI/CD mobile

Identify your needs

Do you run regular tests to check the stability of your application?
Déployez-vous vos applications sur les stores en une commande ?
Are your tests automatically run for each code review?
Are you able to release a new version of your apps every week?
Êtes-vous en mesure de publier un correctif à vos utilisateurs en moins d’une demi journée ?

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