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With your business knowledge, our mobile expertise and a user-centric approach, your mobile application will make all the difference to your users, your teams and your market. Thanks to our in-house GenAI tools, we can focus on high value-added tasks while increasing productivity by 20%.


Maximize the value of your app for your users by putting them at the center of all your thoughts.

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Noémie Diaz
Digital Project Manager

"L'équipe Theodo Apps est hyper motivée et a une forte réactivité, pas de problème et toujours des solutions c'est assez chouette !"

Anthony Lathiere
Marketing & Digital Manager Compagnie des Alpes

It was a pleasure to work with the teams! We had a very strong ambition. To produce 3 applications in a very short timeframe, with structuring objectives based on customer delight. The teams rose to the challenge with unfailing commitment and a formidable method. The resulting product is both robust and ergonomic, while opening up innovative and value-creating perspectives for the destinations in which we operate.

Albéric de Béru
Head of Product - Dalma

The mission objective was achieved: we're going to release on time with 95% of the desired functionalities. On the technical side, I think the collaboration between the developers went very well: efficient and with a good division of labor. We've done well to work with you, and now we're going to be able to work on a solid basis with a great deal of peace of mind.

Pierre Brisorgueil
Senior Engineering Manager - The Fork

Working with BAM has been an excellent experience. Quite proactive on various points, they helped us to make a good impact on our B2B mobile application. We easily found a balance between their methodologies and ours to achieve a fluid way of working. From a technical point of view, they are demanding, which enabled us to achieve good standards and an excellent time-to-market.

Amélie Canet
Brand and Revenue Diversification Director - Team Vitality

We called on the BAM teams because we needed a solid technical partner to develop a mobile application from scratch in less than 3 months, in order to coordinate various technical partners with a fairly advanced knowledge of Web 3. We're extremely satisfied with the results, having set ourselves relatively ambitious KPI's which we all achieved. What really impressed us was the rigor and methodology of the Theodo group and the BAM teams.

Julien Laurent
Chief Digital Officer - Groupe TF1

A big thank you and a big bravo for the remarkable work of the BAM team. Great efficiency, remarkable professionalism, a sense of quality that matches TF1 news standards. And a really nice, committed team. #yourock!

Emilien Rayon
Chief Information Officer (CIO) ekWateur

What's really appreciated is the fact that they have a real value proposition approach, that they support us completely. Not just in terms of providing development capacity, but really in terms of the product approach. And being able to make suggestions. And also the efficiency and continuous improvement approach in this support.

Benjamin Fouquet
Co-founder MonPetitGazon

What worked well: the dev front / agile coach methodology. There was a need to institute a training and skills enhancement program. In dev, you led the project from a technical point of view and got the devs on board. They made good progress on the project. In human terms, you were also very pedagogical, with empathy, and that worked well.

Joffrey Elis
Head of WAG Platform

React Native and the BAM agile method enabled us to quickly test our ideas. In just 4 months, we launched a first version with key functionalities on which we could iterate to refine them. The result: 6 months after the official launch, 350,000 downloads and a rating of 4.7 / 5 on the stores.

About BAM

Since 2014, we have been helping large corporations and scale-ups boost their business by designing and developing their mobile apps using mobile technologies and our Lean methodology.

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Theodo Group

Theodo Apps est la startup spécialisée dans la conception et le développement d’applications mobiles du groupe Theodo.
Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec toutes les entreprises du groupe : Theodo (Web, FR, UK, US), Theodo Cloud (Cloud & DevOps), Theodo Data & IA (Data), Theodo FinTech (Fintech), Theodo HealthTech (Santé), Aleios (Serverless, UK) Theodo Maroc (Web, Maroc) et Theodo GovTech (GovTech)

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