TV Apps

Connected TV apps

Seamlessly target your audience with a cross-platform TV app

• One codebase for multiple platforms
• Consistent user experience across all platforms
• Rapid deployment and simpler app management

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Your presence on connected TVs is essential…

Of households own a
connected TV in Europe

Average Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between

Of brands expect that the CTV ads market will surpass mobile by 2025

…But platform and audience fragmentation is a major challenge

Average annualized churn
rate for video streaming services

Major CTV platform OS systems;
likely to increase in the future

Cross-platform TV apps, inspired by mobile app development

Reduced development and maintenance costs

A single codebase for all connected TV operating systems reduces development costs.

A unified user

A single, familiar interface across all connected TV platforms enhances brand awareness and user experience.

A simplified
product development workflow

With a smaller development team, you can dramatically reduce the delivery time of your applications, across all platforms.

Higher advertising

Unlocking consistent insights and unifying advertisements across platforms provides more control and attractiveness to advertisers.

We are experts on cross-platform mobile and TV apps development

Pioneers in cross-platform development frameworks, using React Native since its inception in 2016
BAM and Theodo Group were one of the first tech players in the world and the first in France to have bet on cross-platform technologies. We have thus developed a strong expertise in React Native, recognized by the international React Native community, and have since expanded our expertise into Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform.
We also are well-equipped to tackle the specific challenges that come with developing a CTV application, such as the spatial focus management and developing highly performant apps
Navigation and focus management: For optimized focus management and smooth, cross-platform navigation, we've developed a specific solution for TV applications: article here | github here

Performance: As experts in mobile application performance and creators of Flashlight, the "Lighthouse" for mobile applications, we are best-placed to improve an application's performance, especially on low-performance devices, such as smart TV devices.
Recognized expertise in delivering high-quality mobile and TV apps for leading brands
Inspired by mobile applications, cross-platform development of your TV applications greatly facilitates a uniform interface and functionality across all platforms. This improves accessibility and user experience, reinforcing brand identity and confidence.
Engagement de l’équipe existante
L’approche MVM permet de plus facilement former et intégrer les développeurs natif existants dans les équipes cross-platform.


Why develop a single multiplatform application for connected TVs, rather than several native applications?
How can you guarantee an optimized user experience and interfaces across different connected TV devices and ecosystems with a single code base?
I need to deploy my CTV application in a [very] short timeframe. What methodologies do you follow to meet tight deadlines while delivering a high-quality/bug-free application?
How can you help us maintain and update my CTV application after launch?
Have you already developed CTV applications for major media players?

‍Pourquoi travailler avec nous ?

70 experts React Native, Flutter
and native
Contributors and maintainers
of open source libraries
360 expertise: frontend, backend (Theodo group)
Internationally recognized
+10 talks in 2023
Experts en performance mobile,
créateurs de l’outil FlashLight
Creators of a complete training
program in React Native / Flutter
Parmi les plus grandes marques et applications les plus populaires se sont déjà tournées vers le développement d'applications multiplateformes sur mobile :

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Refonte des apps native
et React native
Délais : 6 mois
Note sur les stores : 4,5/5
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Un grand merci et un grand bravo pour le remarquable travail de l'équipe BAM. Une grande efficacité, un professionnalisme remarquable, un sens de la qualité à la hauteur des standards de l'info TF1. Et une équipe vraiment sympa et impliquée. #yourock

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Chief Digital Officer