Improve the performance of your mobile app!

Faced with negative user feedback on stores? Low conversion rates on your mobile app? Is your mobile application being used on older, less powerful devices?

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Some figures on the impact of your mobile performance

< 2 sec

maximum loading time for a mobile application

- 20%

drop in your conversion rate for every second of latency


increase in bounce rate on a high-performance application

Theodo Apps : a recognised expertise in performance

1. Flashlight creators

We've developed a unique tool to reliably measure the performance of your mobile applications: Flashlight (a 'Lighthouse' for mobile applications), whose results have been cited by Shopify to confirm that their 'Flashlist' component is performing well.

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2. International expertise

Our teams have already given ten international conferences on performance. Our latest conferences: App.js Conf 2023, App.js Conf 2022, React Native EU 2022, React Summit Amsterdam 2022, Mobile DevOps Summit 2022

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Mobile performance improvements for our customers

TF1 Info
  • Application startup time halved
  • Flashlight score increased from 40/100 to 90/100
  • 66% faster page opening times for live matches
  • App start 28% faster
6 à 9 semaines


  • Sourcer vos utilisateurs potentiels (opt.)
  • Rencontre de 10 à 30 de vos utilisateurs
  • Étude de votre marché et de vos concurrents
1 à 2 semaines


  • Définir les Job To Be Done et préférences de vos différents potentiels clients
  • Définir les concepts et positionnements produit à tester
  • Concevoir les landing pages
Parlons de votre projet

Theodo App's intervention saved us a lot of time. After diagnosing our application's performance, Theodo Apps brainstormed solutions with the developers and gave them a varnish on which components were performing well and which were not. A few weeks later, the first optimizations were in production.

Thomas André

Director of Software Development and Agility

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9 ans d'expertise dans le développement mobile
Contributeurs et mainteneurs
de librairies Open Source
Plus de 250 applications mobiles
mises en production
Reconnus internationalement
9 talks en 2022
Experts en performance mobile,
créateurs de l’outil FlashLight
Evaluation moyenne de 4,5/5
de la part des participants

Your questions about mobile performance

Do I have tools and processes in place to continuously monitor and analyze the performance of my mobile application?
Have I received any comments or negative reviews on the stores about my application's performance?
Are my teams able to interpret and act on application performance data proactively?
Does my application have recurring performance issues that require constant attention and resolution from your teams?
How do I know if I need your expertise on mobile performance?
Do I test my apps on less efficient devices that are more representative of the market?
Why should I call on you if I can use Flashlight for free?

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