Compagnie des Alpes

The ski resort in your pocket

BAM is supporting the largest French ski lift operator in its project to redesign the mobile application. The objective: to create a unique app that can be used and durable for all of its stations.

Type de projet
New App
L’intervention BAM

Product, design

and development

Notes stores

Les résultats

+ 350k

users and 20 updates

in 30 weeks of development

6 months

between the start of conception

and the launch of the MVP

3 apps

deployed simultaneously


Le contexte

Faced with the generational renewal of resort customers and the diversification of their preferences, Compagnie des Alpes must rethink its mobile offer in order to improve and unify the resort experience of its customers. The challenge: to reconcile the divergent needs of several stations in the same codebase, while guaranteeing the uniqueness of the experience.

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Notre solution

A flexible white label app that can be adapted per station, designed after a Discovery phase (+ 40 user interviews) in partnership with station representatives. Our Lean methodology allowed us to do Design To Cost and to accelerate development phases thanks to Flutter technology to release an MVP in 3 months. Since then, we have maintained a weekly release rhythm, in order to provide maximum value to users.

Interfacing a single codebase with multiple partners

To ensure the objective of uniqueness and maintainability of the code, we created an intermediate layer, making it possible to adapt to the specific uses of each station, and those of their partners. This backend-for-frontend processes and standardizes the data, to constitute a single point of contact for the application. Thus, each station can maintain an operating mode adapted to its needs.

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Develop a common DA while maintaining the universe of each station

Creation of an Artistic Direction and a common Design System to integrate the graphic elements of the different resorts and offer an immersive and personalized experience according to each ski area.

Phone in front on a triangle

Recreate the ski map to optimize the experience of skiers

By observing user behavior on the ground, we saw the importance of providing a reliable and efficient artistic trail map on the app, thanks to which skiers could easily find their way around the areas. We drew the map of the trails by hand, using an Euclidean coordinate system to facilitate reading and ensure an optimal experience.

Anthony Lathiere
Anthony Lathiere
Marketing & Digital Manager Compagnie des Alpes

It was a pleasure to work with the teams! We had a very strong ambition. To produce 3 applications in a very short timeframe, with structuring objectives based on customer delight. The teams rose to the challenge with unfailing commitment and a formidable method. The resulting product is both robust and ergonomic, while opening up innovative and value-creating perspectives for the destinations in which we operate.