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10 months of collaboration to redesign the B2B application and make the technical team autonomous in React Native on the best practices of design, development, release and lean/agile methodologies.

Type de projet
React Native
L’intervention BAM


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Les résultats

7 days

lead time between each MEP

120 hours

Cumulative Pair Programming


validated skills


Le contexte

The Fork Manager wants to strengthen the value proposition of its B2B application by migrating it to a React Native application that is more ergonomic, more efficient and easier to use. At the same time, The Fork wants to increase the skills of a technical team in React Native to maintain and evolve the app independently.

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Notre solution

A complete BAM team to reduce the application's time-to-market and continuously train TheFork developers, with the support of a Tech Lead training expert. The training expertise made it possible to make the customer team autonomous on all mobile development actions (debugging, devops, build, test, code, methodology) in less than 9 months and to share best practices with other teams.

Make your web teams experts in mobile development

Our main mission has been to train web developers to become experts in React Native mobile development:

  • From technical design to development and deployment on stores, together we have built a process that allows production to be carried out every week with a very high level of quality in accordance with the standards of 4 Key metrics.
  • To put this training into practice in 4 months, we are committed to a UX/UI redesign and the migration of webviews to React Native from The Fork Manager mobile application.
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Place the lean and agile method at the heart of the project

Implementation of daily project management rituals provided by the lean & agile method, including:

  • Problem solving sessions to ensure continuous improvement (design, product, tech)
  • Implementation of the BPMN method in the feature design flow
  • Recurring points to optimize visibility, communication and collaboration between teams (reviews, retros, daily)

And this, always in a spirit of training through weekly monitoring of a skills matrix in the form of Kanban!

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Pierre Brisorgueil
Pierre Brisorgueil
Senior Engineering Manager - The Fork

Working with BAM has been an excellent experience. Quite proactive on various points, they helped us to make a good impact on our B2B mobile application. We easily found a balance between their methodologies and ours to achieve a fluid way of working. From a technical point of view, they are demanding, which enabled us to achieve good standards and an excellent time-to-market.