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Redesign and rebranding of the LCI application, which became TF1 Info to meet the digitalization challenges of the TF1 group.

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Mobile application redesign
React Native
L’intervention BAM


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Le contexte

TF1 is launching its new mobile app in a context where advertising revenues continue to transition to digital media. Formerly LCI, the TF1 Info application specialized in customizable information arrives for the major challenges of 2022: presidential elections, world cup, etc.

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Notre solution

The new TF1 application developed in React-Native allows the group to disseminate its core business to as many people as possible: to provide information. Expertise in React Native allowed the integration of numerous native SDKs required for the application.

Release the project in 6 months

The desire to make the application available to everyone from the beginning of 2022 for current topics (presidential elections, soccer world cup, etc.) proved to be one of the main challenges.

This required the application to be released in 6 months from scratch. To achieve this, BAM has implemented with TF1 methods of prioritization, continuous improvement, and visibility that allow it to work effectively as a team and with project stakeholders.

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Integrate native SDKs

Several SDKs to be implemented were only available natively (so impossible to use with React-Native). To work with these SDKs, the team had to create 100% custom bridges in order to be able to use them in React-Native.

Indeed, it was essential to adapt to the tools already used at TF1, even if they do not have a React-Native SDK, and for this BAM has recognized expertise (Example: open-source Batch bridge which has become the reference in France).

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Release an irreproachable product as early as V1

The stability of the application was an important issue when the app was launched. Several reasons explain this issue: TF1 is very well known to the general public, the first impression upon release will leave a mark in the minds of users, but also to be recognized as a quality information application. The BAM teams increased the crash rate on Android from 16% (present on the old LCI application) to 0.5% when the new application was first put into production (TF1 Info). This rate even fell to 0.2% after the first update.

Julien Laurent
Julien Laurent
Chief Digital Officer - Groupe TF1

A big thank you and a big bravo for the remarkable work of the BAM team. Great efficiency, remarkable professionalism, a sense of quality that matches TF1 news standards. And a really nice, committed team. #yourock!