Team Vitality

Fan engagement through NFTs

Rethinking the experience of esports fans using blockchain is the challenge that Team Vitality decided to take up, with the support of BAM, by creating the first fan engagement application based on web3, V.Hive.

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Le contexte

Team Vitality, the number 1 French esports team in Europe, wants to reinforce the commitment of its fans with the V.Hive project, an application designed by and for esports fans. The challenge: to develop an application that combines Web 2 and Web 3, in partnership with the Tezos blockchain as well as FanPrime, experts in the gamification of loyalty programs.

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Notre solution

Provision of a complete BAM team, bringing together design, product and development expertise in order to align the various project actors in an iterative process.

BAM's technical framework made it possible to quickly confirm the feasibility of the project in 3 months, allowing Team Vitality to remain aligned with its launch objectives.

Deliver a first version in three months

The BAM teams had three months to launch the first version of the application, allowing them to then make the technical adjustments necessary to release the application in November, just in time for the major esports competitions over the period.

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Integrating several areas of expertise in the same product

The BAM teams were responsible for coordinating the various technical expertise of the product using the lean methodology in order to remove dependencies and guarantee regular releases for Team Vitality fans.

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Amélie Canet
Amélie Canet
Brand and Revenue Diversification Director - Team Vitality

We called on the BAM teams because we needed a solid technical partner to develop a mobile application from scratch in less than 3 months, in order to coordinate various technical partners with a fairly advanced knowledge of Web 3. We're extremely satisfied with the results, having set ourselves relatively ambitious KPI's which we all achieved. What really impressed us was the rigor and methodology of the Theodo group and the BAM teams.